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For all people and all states, education is the cornerstone of upward mobility, a livable wage, and economic and business development.
Miles To Go: South Carolina (2002)

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Miles To Go Mississippi - Pre-Kindergarten Time to Begin
Click to view the full article (PDF) This report by the Southern Education Foundation (SEF) finds that high-quality pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) is the first, essential step towards building the educated workforce that will enable a better economic future for Mississippi. The report calls on Mississippi leaders to establish a blue-ribbon, bipartisan commission to develop a plan of action to launch a statewide Pre-K program.

The SEF report reviews how Mississippi remains the only state in the South without a state-supported Pre-K program and finds that Mississippis current problems with a growing jobless rate underscore the consequences of past failures to move forward with long-term plans for Pre-K. It also includes the results of recent commissioned studies showing that the state could receive economic benefits and savings by investing in high-quality Pre-K.

SEFs report concludes that Mississippi will remain a poor state without enough education, jobs, or income if it does not undertake every effort to invest in high-quality Pre-K.

Also available here is an online bibliography for the charts and data provided in the Mississippi report.

Click to view the full article (PDF)
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