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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

As South Africa moves into the 21st century, it does not yet have the educational system it requires to develop the growth to overcome poverty and unemployment. This is a central issue how South Africa builds a universal education system for primary and secondary levels that really works.
Beyond Racism: Embracing an Interdependent Future - In Their Own Voices (2000)

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No Time to Lose: Why America Needs an Education Amendment to the US Constitution to Improve Public Education
Click to view the full article (PDF) No Time to Lose: Why America Needs an Education Amendment to the US Constitution to Improve Public Education, outlines the case for an education amendment to reduce gross disparities in the allocation of resources and funds for the education of the nations public school students.

The report analyzes the current imperatives for improving US public schools; recent trends in interstate and intrastate financing of public education; and the effects of radical disparities in educational resources at local, state and federal levels.

SEFs report argues that education is now so vital to the nations well-being that Americans can no longer afford to maintain the current antiquated systems of public education, which fail to ensure all students a high-quality opportunity to learn irrespective of place, class or race. The report also makes the case for why an education amendment to the US Constitution would provide a permanent framework to address gross disparities in educational resources and foster new, more effective relations between levels of government fro the advancement of public education.

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