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A college degree is increasingly essential if citizens are to reap the benefits of the Souths new and still developing knowledge-driven economy. Higher education is the gateway to better jobs and the higher standard of living that goes with them.
Miles To Go (1998)

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Time to Lead Again: The Promise of Georgia Pre-K
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Click to view the full article (PDF) "Time to Lead Again: The Promise of Georgia Pre-K is a report that examines how Georgias lottery-supported pre-kindergarten program (Pre-K) has developed since 1995 when Governor Zell Miller established the goal of Georgia becoming the nations first state with universal, high-quality Pre-K for all four-year-olds.

The report examines trends relating to access and enrollment, program quality, and per child expenditures. The report documents where Georgia Pre-K is falling behind and has already lost its national standing as the nations best Pre-K program. "Time to Lead Again" also includes findings from econometric studies showing the economic gains for Georgia if the state increases enrollment and improve program quailty to create the nation's first truly universal, high quality Pre-K program.

"Web Extra" materials wil be available on this web site by the late afternoon of June 24. Additional SEF Pre-K reports, web extras, and videos are available here.

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