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We have miles to go before we reach our goal of equity in higher education For the South and for the nation there can be no turning back.
Miles To Go (1998)

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Alabama Dropout Report
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Click to view the full article (PDF) High School Dropouts: Alabamas Number One Education and Economic Problem was released on April 30, 2008 in Birmingham. The report finds that Alabama now ranks 42nd in the nation in per capita income and nearly two-thirds of the states income gap with the nation is entirely due to the states low levels of education primarily fueled by the states high school dropout problems. SEFs report calculates Alabama's high school dropout rate as 39 percent in 2006-07 and links the problems of high school dropouts directly to Alabamas lagging economy during the last three decades. The report also estimates major gains in the growth of the Alabama economy in the event the state steadily increases both high school graduation rates and college going rates over several years.

This edition of SEF's report includes an updated appendix that provides 2007 data on graduation and dropout rates across Alabama.

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