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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

In schools where there are large numbers of African American teachers, African American students are less likely to be placed in special education classes; less likely to receive corporal punishment; less likely to be suspended or expelled; more likely to be placed in gifted and talented programs; and more likely to graduate from high school.
Patterns of Excellence: Policy Perspectives on Diversity in Teaching and School Leadership (2001)

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Click to view the full article (PDF) SEF released this report in Atlanta, Georgia on May 10, 2007.

The report finds that the South leads the rest of the nation in Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) enrollment and quality today and identifies Pre-K as the regions primary comparative advantage in efforts to catch up with the rest of the nation in education. The report documents the various economic and educational gains that the South can realize over time if states expand their investments in state-supported, high-quality Pre-K programs for three- and four-year old children in the state. The report includes the findings of several studies undertaken during the last five years on both learning gains and cost-benefit ratios from Pre-K programs in different Southern states. The report also analyzes the uneven development of Pre-K within the South and identifies common challenges that Southern states will face in taking Pre-K to scale across the region.

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