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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

Education continues to be the most powerful vehicle for achieving the American promise and preserving our common ideals. The nations schools, colleges, and universities are among the few places where the artificial barriers of race, religion, class, and language can be transcended.
Redeeming The American Promise (1995)

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Miles To Go Mississippi
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Click to view the full article (PDF) Miles to Go Mississippi: Rebuilding Education: The Next Big Challenge (2006, 26 pages) ******************************************************************************* The report documents the economic and educational gains that Mississippi can realize over time if it increases high school and college enrollment and graduation rates by: 1) investing in state-supported, high-quality pre-kindergarten programs; 2) strengthening college- and work- readiness in middle and high schools; 3) providing adequate funding to students with the most needs; and 4) reducing education gaps by race and income in academic performance and resources. The report documents the link between education and income in Mississippi and the vital role that education, Pre-K through college, plays in advancing both the state's education and its economy.
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