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Intelligence plus character thats the goal of true education.
Martin Luther King Jr.

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Why The Black Church? The Case for Partnership Between Black Churches and Organized Philanthropy
Click to view the full article (PDF) In journalistic style, this report tells the story of a unique effort: the Philanthropy and the Black Church Project. The project sought to bridge a gap in knowledge, communications and collaboration between African American churches and organized institutions of philanthropy. Spanning almost a decade, it helped to raise the visibility of Black churches as resources on which philanthropic institutions could and should draw for important work and advice. It also helped Black church leaders understand how foundations work and encouraged them to seek support from foundations for worthy programmatic endeavors. One important by-product was how the project helped to put a spotlight, at least temporarily, on the need for asset-driven models of work in Black communities. The report also makes the case for why Black Churches remain a vital means for addressing primary issues, problems, and opportunities in the Black communities.
Click to view the full article (PDF)
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