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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

Our message is simple: whether it is good or bad times, the education of all our children including poor, African American, and Latino children cannot be deferred. For the sake of all Arkansas, the state must set a new course, a new direction in public education.
Miles To Go: Arkansas (2002)

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SEF and Education: Looking Back At the Turn of Two Centuries (112kb)
Lynn Huntley

One hundred years ago, organized philanthropy in the South was largely inattentive to the pressing educational needs of African Americans. Therefore, one of SEFs earliest priorities was to document those needs and publicize the results. At a time when many might have wished to forget or at least ignore the inequality between Blacks and Whites, these reports sparked attention to the inequity and fueled public and private debate and responses. Recognizing the importance of investing in human capital in order to improve the quality of education afforded to the poor and Blacks, through the Peabody Fund, summer courses were offered to help improve the skills of teachers working with Black students. <\p>

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