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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

Education continues to be the most powerful vehicle for achieving the American promise and preserving our common ideals. The nations schools, colleges, and universities are among the few places where the artificial barriers of race, religion, class, and language can be transcended.
Redeeming The American Promise (1995)

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Miles To Go - Southern State Education Policies and Practices
Click to view the full article (PDF) SEF is documenting the patterns, causes and consequences of gross disparities in education investments and outcomes in Southern states educational systems --- from pre-school through college. This project is working to build public understanding of the importance of improving educational achievement for all students and to support local and state leaders who want to improve education in the South by providing effective assistance to the students who need the most help. SEF also has begun special work on Pre-kindergarten and has made small grants to several organizations in the Deep South to extend its efforts.
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