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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

A profound public ambivalence about race is reflected in the actions and inaction of policymakers and educators.
Miles To Go (1998)

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On the Right Side of History: Ira Glasser
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Ira Glasser, who served until recently as the director of the American Civil Liberties Union, reflects on how baseball became a liberating metaphor for him and for America, as he came of age before and after Brown. It was also a unique experience at that time to see, in such a visible and public arena, Black and White teammates, working together, partners in a joint venture, and doing so successfully, Glasser remembers. A New Yorker, Glasser worked for 34 years with the ACLU, 23 of them as its chief. In honor of his long service and large contributions to American life, the ACLU created the Ira Glasser Racial Justice Fellows Program.

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