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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

In schools where there are large numbers of African American teachers, African American students are less likely to be placed in special education classes; less likely to receive corporal punishment; less likely to be suspended or expelled; more likely to be placed in gifted and talented programs; and more likely to graduate from high school.
Patterns of Excellence: Policy Perspectives on Diversity in Teaching and School Leadership (2001)

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Beyond Racism: Embracing an Interdependent Future (3959 kb)
Click to view the full article (PDF) This volume is part of a larger body of work reports and books developed by the Comparative Human Relations Initiative to examine the role that race, racism and discrimination play in creating gross disparities in well-being and status between persons of European or African descent or appearance in Brazil, South Africa and the United States. It presents a collage of perspectives, some complementary, others conflicting, but always interesting, about the construction and operation of the color line in a few key sectors in these nations. While written from a country-specific vantage point, the papers speak to important issues that each nation is called to confront in order to reduce color-coded inequality and discrimination. For more information visit the Beyond Racism website.
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