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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

If the equity gaps close, all of Arkansas gains.
Miles To Go Arkansas (2002)

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Financial Aid for Low-Income Students: Lingering Challenges in Southern Education (126 kb)
Steve Suitts

Despite two decades of national education reform, often led by Southern governors, Southern states constitute the section of the United States where the nation fails most in advancing educational success for poor and minority students. It is where states remain farthest from the goal of increasing college-going rates, especially for poor, African-American and Latino students. While most Southern states now match or exceed the national average in high school graduation rates, the Deep South states have the nations lowest percentages of students and adults receiving BA degrees, including degrees in engineering, math and sciences. Poor and minority students in Southern states also have among the nations smallest chances to participate or succeed in college.

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