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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

[T]he peoples patience is not endless. The time comes in the life of any nation when there remain only two choices: submit or fight.
Beyond Racism: Embracing an Interdependent Future - Three Nations at the Crossroads (2000)

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Equity and Access in South Carolina Education (119 kb)
Lynn Huntley

The Southern states, though different, bear a strong family resemblance:

  • All are home to large numbers of low income people, including disproportionately high numbers of African Americans;
  • All have historically underinvested for a variety of economic, social and political reasons in public education;
  • All have large numbers of low income students who are especially ill served by the educational status quo;
  • All face the need to recast educational structures and practices to adapt to changed circumstances and to remove barriers to equal and adequate opportunity;
  • All must make difficult policy and practice decisions in order to improve access and equity at a time when economic resources are limited and needs are many; and
  • All are experimenting with varying degrees of efficacy with diverse approaches to improve educational quality and access.
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