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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

The studys results strongly suggest that if Arkansas education levels were equal to the national levels, approximately 69% of the gap between Arkansas per capita income and the national average would be eliminated.
Miles To Go Arkansas: Update (2003)

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Poverty Rates for Children in Southern Education States 2000
Click to view the full article (PDF) At 17% the child poverty rate in the U.S. which includes any family with 1 adult and 2 children earning less than $14,269 is among the highest in the world. While in the last few years these rates have actually improved throughout the U.S., they remain proportionally higher in most Southern states, which have historically ranked at the bottom for this indicator. In those states that rank lowest, 26% of children live in poverty. There seems to be no clear path out.
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