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Advancing Creative Solutions to Assure Fairness and Excellence in Education

Our message is simple: whether it is good or bad times, the education of all our children including poor, African American, and Latino children cannot be deferred. For the sake of all Arkansas, the state must set a new course, a new direction in public education.
Miles To Go: Arkansas (2002)


The Southern Education Foundation (SEF) undertakes a wide range of strategies and programs that involve research, analysis, advocacy, technical assistance, and outreach.

Our program objectives are to:

  • Improve education policy and practice from Pre-Kindergarten through college
  • Inform the public about vital education issues and policy options
  • Strengthen parent, school, and private sector efforts to better meet the needs of underachieving students and to prepare America's future workforce
  • Promote a high quality of universal education

SEF's current programs include:
Miles To Go - Southern State Education Policies and Practices
New Imperatives for Education and Economic Development
Investing in HBCU Leadership
Instructional Technology Assistance Project (ITAP)
Science and Technology Education
Teaching and Teacher Testing - Unintended Consequences
Kresge HBCU Initiative
Education Summer Intern Program
Beyond Racism - Comparative Human Relations Initiative
Funding Partners