Reconstruction Schooling [1865-1877]
End of Reconstruction – Decline of Southern Education [1865-1877]
Southern Education Philanthropy: Progressive or Regressive? [1878-1895]
Black School in South Carolina [1896-1915]
Separate and Unequal Southern Schools: An American Dilemma [1916-1931]
Education in Holmes County, MS: 1939 [1932-1943]
How Brown v. Board of Education Began: Clarendon County, SC – 1950 [1944-1953]
Blight, Bigotry, and Bombs [1944-1953]
Battle for the Schools – Massive Resistance [1954-1972]
Schools that Race Built [1954-1972]
Invisible Activists -Community Organizers Behind the Big Events [1954-1972]
Mae Bertha Carter and School Desegregation [1954-1972]
When School Desegregation Happened: Often At the Cost of Black Identity [1954-1972]
Jim Crow's Children: "It isn't worth it."
Brown v. Board of Education in the 1970s [1973-1982]
American Education in Black and White: One Nation, Indivisible [1973-1982]
The Reagan Administration and Civil Rights in Education [1983-1993]
Strategies for Successful Schools: 30 Years After Brown v. Board of Education [1983-1993]
Algebra Project Comes South [1983-1993]
The New Imperatives for Education [1994-Present]
Miles To Go [1994-Present]
Southern Education: “The Times They Are A-Changing” [1994-Present]